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Questions & Answers

Where are the shirts made?

Babygoodluck products are 100% Dutch-made. Every good luck shirt is made entirely in the Netherlands, under the loving care of Cora and Greg of a socially responsible sewing workshop in Amsterdam.

Why only one size?

In the Italian tradition, the good luck shirt has to be given as quickly as possible after the birth. This is why the shirts are only made in baby size (0-3 months). Especially for new-borns.

Why is a Babygoodluck only available in one colour?

The good luck shirt is meant to be worn as a top or undershirt and to give every baby a little extra good luck. It is a loving and meaningful present that has to work for every baby. That’s why we have chosen to offer it in only one colour: serene white.

I’d like to give the shirt as a gift with a personal message. Is this possible?

A special gift deserves a personal touch. We have therefore provided the opportunity for you to give a Babygoodluck shirt as a gift with a personal message.
The ‘ordering’ section offers you the option of adding a personal message. This is a useful feature if you would like us to dispatch the gift directly to the recipient together with your personal message.
If you leave the field blank, we will send a blank card along with the gift package.

When to give a Babygoodluck?

Traditionally, the good luck shirt is given as soon as possible after the birth. This makes the good luck shirt a special maternity gift for new-borns. And perfect for baby showers. The shirts are made in one size, baby size (0-3 months).

Is the cotton you use really nice and soft?

The cotton used for Babygoodluck is of the finest quality. That means that all shirts are wonderfully comfortable, soft and attractive, and will stay that way.

How should I wash the good luck shirts?

Every good luck shirt is made from 100% cotton. That means do not wash warmer than 30°C and don’t put it in the dryer. They can be ironed on a medium setting. Every shirt comes with the required clothing label including washing instructions. The label is easy to remove if desired.

How to wear a Babygoodluck?

A Babygoodluck is worn over a snapsuit. Of course the good luck shirt can also be worn without a snapsuit, as the first class quality cotton is very soft for baby’s skin.

Can I get the shirt personalised? does not offer the option of personalising the shirts. This is a deliberate choice to maintain the quality and image of the serene white baby shirt.
If you would still like the shirt you order to be personalised, we recommend having the initials or name of the baby embroidered on it.

How is the good luck shirt packed?

Because we know that a nice package makes receiving any gift more fun, every Babygoodluck is carefully packed in tissue paper in a luxury white gift box with a Babygoodluck satin ribbon. Inside the box is a card in Dutch and English, explaining the tradition behind the good luck shirt. This makes giving this present even more enjoyable.