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Babygoodluck: give a baby the gift of a good luck blessing

Ever heard of a camicia della fortuna? No? I hadn’t either, until I was given one by a friend in Italy to give as a gift to my new-born nephew.

An Italian tradition…

The camicia della fortuna is traditional Italian good luck garment for babies. Originally they were made by hand – normally by la nonna or la zia, the grandmother or an aunt of the new baby. Meant to be worn as soon as the baby is born, and then to be kept for the child’s whole life. Because like the name says: it brings good luck.

…made in Holland

And who wouldn’t want to be standing there like a good fairy at the new-born baby’s crib – your nephew, niece or grandchild – bearing the gift that brings good luck? This is what gave me the idea of introducing this charming custom in our country. The traditional Italian baby shirt. But in a contemporary design, made from the finest cotton in The Netherlands.

A Babygoodluck exclusive

And the idea became a reality: since September 2012, you can also buy the good luck shirt in the Netherlands. Only online, and only from Babygoodluck.com. With no worrying about size or colour, because the shirt comes only in one size: baby size 0-3 months. And in one colour: serene white. That means this good luck shirt fits every time and looks great on any baby boy or girl. The Babygoodluck makes a memorable maternity present or baby shower gift.

♥ Conny Lute